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Pilates offers:
Muscle formation and physical strengthening and is well-suited as preventive health care measure. It doesn’t replace the appointment with the doctor or with the professional physiotherapist but it can be a wonderful supportive therapy or even prevent the occurrence of pain and injuries in the first place.

What you can expect from Pilates:
Often, we use our bodies unilaterally. Overburdened and cramped muscles, inappropriate biomechanical stress to the joints, headache caused by neck tension, sciatica complaints and back problems are the typical after-effects of a disturbed interplay of the muscles.

In Pilates, shortened muscles are purposefully and intensely stretched, leading to the oppositely located weakened muscles to be strengthened. The goal is to re-establish the muscle balance in order to effectively protect the body in the situations of everyday life.

The body posture is visibly improved, it appears relaxed and the patient self-confident. Breathing is more relaxed and deeper, the figure is shapely. Not only are you more agile and healthy, but you also profit from a mental equilibrium, which in turn lends you a positive aura.

For appointments and more information visit: www.pilates-rosen.at

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